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Windows Key Codes

Character Key data Description
~ {~} Send a tilde (~)
! {!} Send an exclamation point (!)
^ {^} Send a caret (^)
+ {+} Send a plus sign (+)
Backspace {BACKSPACE} or {BKSP} or {BS} Send a Backspace keystroke
Break {BREAK} Send a Break keystroke
Caps Lock {CAPSLOCK} Press the Caps Lock Key
Clear {CLEAR} Clear the field
Delete {DELETE} or {DEL} Send a Delete keystroke
Insert {INSERT} or {INS} Send an Insert keystroke
Arrow keys {LEFT} {RIGHT} {UP} {DOWN} Send a Left/Right/Up/Down
End {END} Send an End keystroke
Enter {ENTER} or ~ Send an Enter keystroke
Escape {ESCAPE} Send an Esc keystroke
F1 ... F16 {F1} ... {F16} Send a Function keystroke
Help {HELP} Send a Help keystroke
Home {HOME} Send a Home keystroke
Page Down
Page Up
Page Down
Page Up
Numlock {NUMLOCK} Send a Num Lock keystroke
Scroll lock {SCROLLLOCK} Press the Scroll lock Key
Print Screen {PRTSC} Send a Print Screen keystroke



Modifier Prefix with
To send a SHIFT + ALT + Q keystroke, the key data would be +%Q
To send a CTRL + F11 keystroke, the key data would be ^{F11}
To send an F4 keystroke, the key data would be {F4}
Example - I set F11 as a hotkey in winamp to play a track

Send F11 to winamp





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