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Drag pad    added v1.1 

Allow dragging of scene items on the deck to update real time on screen.


Scene item inspector    1st version live in v1.1 

Querying an item's size and position would be good when setting up buttons to move things around - would make it easier to program animations, etc.



Resize/rotate objects    added with DragPad 

Scaling or changing width and height of objects would be really useful - especially when combined with moving.



Send keystrokes to OBS and other apps   Added v1.3 

The ability to trigger OBS hotkeys or control other apps from the deck would add a lot of flexibility.

Mac and Linux versions work fine, but there is an issue with Windows : a black command window flashes on screen - looking for a fix.  FIXED 



Online command builder

Build commands online then import them into app. buttons or export buttons commands and save to online database.  Could be good for examples and sharing.



Audio Fading  added in OBS Lua script 

Fade audio sources in and out between scenes, etc...



Replay panel   added v1.5 

Show list of replays captured so far : each replay can be selected and played.



Ability to draw on stream   added v2.0 

Basic ability to draw on stream live.  Similar to dragpad, but with drawing tools.



Twitter integration

Take a sceenshot and post it with a comment to twitter. (Waiting on developer account approval from Twitter   approved! )



Pop out web interface for the desktop app    added v2.1  

Program the deck with the desktop app then sync the new data to the mobile app.



Loops and math evaluation for command parameters   added v2.0 

Parameters would then be able to contain expressions like item=box$i - $i could be a loop counter in a command to manipulate multiple boxes : box1, box2, box3, etc...



Command scheduler     added v2.1  


Schedule commands to run every 5 minutes, etc.



Combobulator (packager)    added v2.1  

Package a scene collection with deck, schedule and sound effects.  Unpack on another machine, send to someone else, etc...

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