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Animation queues

Added in v1.9 of the obs lua script : If you want to run multiple animations on an object, but perform them one at a time, then you can activate the animation queue for the object. To do this, add the following parameter into the first of the animate commands;

Once the queue is active for the object, animations run in sequence. To de-activate the queue, just set the value to 0;



Whether the queue is active or not, you may want to cancel any existing animations that are currently running on the object before you start something new. You can do this by adding the following parameter to your animate command;



Note : if the queue is inactive and an animation is in progress, activating the queue will cancel the existing animation.




The animate command (before v1.9) needed at least one of the x,y,w,h or r parameters to be accepted, but now you can also just specify the queue or reset parameter.  You can use commands like...







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