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Animating filters

This is an extension to Animating_objects : moving_resizing_rotating, so check out that page first!  From version 2.0.3 of the Lua script, filters properties can be animated, which opens up some new and interesting possibilites.  The video example uses the excellent stream effects plugin.


First problem - you add a filter to an object, but how do you find out the names of its properties? Maybe there's already an easy way that I don't know about - if there is, let me know! The following command will pop up a list of filter properties on your device;


command : filterprops



Now that you have a list of the property names, you can start adding them to your animate and position commands. You can add up to 5 filters to your animations by adding extra parameters (filter names and parameter names are always case sensitive!);

All the usual variable substitution and relative value options should work as normal. Note the use of the colons to separate each part of the filter property data.


For the demonstration in the video, the properties of the transform filter that I animated were Filter.Transform.Rotation.Y and Filter.Transform.Scale.X


command : animate



I used the same command to restore the TV by setting Filter.Transform.Rotation.Y back to 0 and Filter.Transform.Scale.X back to 100. 


All of the above can also be used with the position command to directly set filter properties without any animation.

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