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Oct 2018 (1809)





When you run the desktop app, a small amount of configuration is required : enter a port number to listen on (default 4445 is fine), create a password then press the OK button. This information (and another value that was copied to the clipboard when OK was pressed) is used to set up the the mobile app on your device - in the following steps.




Why is there a desktop app?

Originally, there was just a Lua script for OBS and the mobile app.  Unfortunately, there were problems loading the Lua socket library from OBS scripts, so that part of the code was turned into a small desktop app. The good thing about keeping the OBS script is that you can add code to it very easily and then program the mobile app buttons to use the new functionality - nothing has to be recompiled.




New in V1.4.1 of the desktop app

A timeout field has been added.  If you leave it at 0, then it does nothing.  It will also accept a value of 10 or more : this is the number of seconds that must pass before the desktop app resets itself - if it has not received a message from the mobile app.  This means that if the desktop app doesn't detect a dead connection, it will reset automatically, without you having to manually press the reset button.




New in V1.4 of the desktop app

Backup your deck on the device or on desktop.  Device backups allow switching of multiple decks easily and desktop backups allow you to share decks between devices. Deck buttons can be triggered with OBS hotkeys.




New in V1.3 of the desktop app

V1.3 can send keystrokes to OBS and other applications.  Trigger OBS hotkeys and control other applications while you stream.




New in V1.2 of the desktop app

V1.2 has a new option to handle playing sound effects - instead of passing sound effect commands to OBS, the app will handle them, but pass all other commands through as normal. If you use this option then simply drag the folder containing your sound effects on to the app (shown below).










Running the app on Linux

For Linux, download the file (top of page), install Löve then run UP Deck with the following command;



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