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Drawing live on stream

  Live in v2.0                 BROKEN IN CURRENT VERSION!  

There were quite a few requests for drawing on screen during a live stream, so here's the first working version. Be warned - it's not fantastic - but hopefully it's useful!  The original idea was to try to grab the current OBS view, get that image on the tablet, draw over the top, then transfer the drawing back across. After a few attempts, the results were too slow to be of any use. The compromise was to re-use the existing drag pad (that allows you to drag objects around the screen).  By creating an object on your scene to overlay your content, we can now turn on drawing on the tablet and create some basic lines and shapes over the live stream.  Even using this cut down idea, it's still fairly slow creating the updated image and then updating it on OBS.


Drawing with drag pad now creates an image named 'overlay.png' in the app's folder.  The 'BACKUP' button has now been renamed to 'FILES' on the desktop app and clicking it opens the app folder.  Add a new image source to your scene and set the 'Image File' property to the overlay image (and resize it to fill the screen).  I also created a text object as a drawing alert, then used the setup buttons (accessed by presing the heart icon) to show and hide the alert when starting and stopping drawing. To start or stop drawing just tap the drag pad - after selecting an object to use as the pointer.  If you need a pointer image, here's the one I used;



The third config button accessed by pressing the heart icon lets you input the width and height of your stream. This allows the drawing to match the position of the pointer on screen - the defaults are 1280 x 720.



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