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Assigning actions to buttons

When setting up button actions, the app goes OFFLINE, so remember to reconnect again when finished by pressing the top left button on the main screen.  As an example, we will program a button to switch to a scene named 'AFK' using the 'Fade' transition.  Pick any deck button then press and hold until the button setup screen appears.


Enter the button label - this will be displayed under the button on the main screen.  If you enter a button group then this button will become a member of that group.  When a grouped button is pressed, it is hilited with the color selected.  Only one button in a group can show it's hilite color, so you can always tell which button in the group was pressed last.  You can add multiple commands (actions) to a button - the list below is empty, so click the '+' button at the bottom of the list to add a command using the command setup screen.

(If you already have commands added, then you can move them up or down the list with the arrow buttons.  Commands can be reconfigured by tapping them on the list to select and then pressing the gear button.)




Enter a description for our new command in the text field provided and enter 'switch' in the command field.  We can define the transition to use and the scene to switch to by using named parameters.

To save our changes, we need to press the green save button on this screen and then press the save button on the button setup screen.  This takes us back to the deck.  Remember to connect to OBS again before testing your new button functionality.

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